Rosava Group


YOUR RELIABLE FRIEND IN MINING MFG - 360 minning solution and Marble processing machines.


Rosava Group was founded in 1965 in India. The tradition and progress here has always produced the advanced technology in the industry that has been subsequently applied throughout the world.

Rosava Group is one of the long-established companies in the region producing a range of machinery fundamental to the processing of marble and granite including gang saws, resin line, lifting & mining equipments for quarry. Such machines are the result of 40 years of experience, research and the production of hundreds of machines.

Rosava stands out for its advanced technology and design with proven reliability and efficiency to meet the most demanding market requirements. Experience, quality and investment in research and human resources have enabled Rosava to continue its leadership in the market.

Rosava equipments are the synthesis of advanced technologies, unique design and full reliability with top performances of all the above to guarantee quality responding to the today's market requirements.

Rosava was the very first Company in its field to use CNC computer controlled machines in the manufacturing process of their products. Since then the number of CNC equipment has constantly increased and today virtually all components and parts of the machines produced by Rosava are manufactured by CNC machines ensuring a quality and accuracy unequaled.

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